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Nearly 30 percent of schools miss Adequate Yearly Progress each year. Together, we can do better.

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Rise With US. SMRT is a self-sustaining educational nonprofit. We specialize in helping education systems implement the right blend of strategies to strengthen cognitive and non-cognitive skills across all age ranges. Our approach is scientific and research driven. To do this, we publish research in an open and transparent way to the Public.

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    Outlining the Issues
    What does it take to overcome educational challenges and achieve an academic culture of continuous improvement? SMRT weighs in on the top issues affecting education today. Learn More
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    The Public Forum
    With every sector of education going through reforms, it is important that we work together, share information, and collaborate. Learn More
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    About SMRT
    SMRT’s approach is driven by science and research, enabling us to identify research and data driven strategies that are proven to work. We share all knowledge with the Public. Learn More